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Our Core Philosophy

Complete Childhood Experience:Education has to stimulate growing curiosities, as well as challenge and utilize physical mental energies productively. Saksham designs its curriculum and experiences on the fundamental premise that childhood is a period for lots of fun and mischief, but is also a key phase of learning!! Not only do children study various academic subjects in class rooms but also get ample opportunity to enjoy & express themselves via games, gymnastics and sports, dance, art, public speaking, music and a host of other things.

Provide Vocational Skilling:

Much before Skill-Development became a buzzword, Saksham had made this as one of its core objectives and is committed to providing every child at least one vocational skill while in school.The school provides vocational training in diverse fields including:

  • Art
  • Carpentry
  • Tailoring
  • Fitness training
  • Cooking
  • Paper-bag making
Integrate with Society:The core mission of Saksham is to empower children with skills, knowledge and vocational training such that they grow as self-reliant adults. Children who are both competent and inherently confident, so they walk tall and as equals in the larger society.

Nurture multiple Intelligences:The school culture and environment endeavors to stimulate learning through multiple intelligences in children. Curriculum and interventions are designed such that children learn and grow in areas through linguistics (via Reading sessions, poetry and speaking clubs etc.,); musical interventions (via regular music sessions for vocal and instrument); Logical-mathematical (via sessions on numbers, project work that involves analytical thinking and reasoning, math classes); body-kinesthetic (via gymnastics, dance, physical fitness); interpersonal & intrapersonal (via regular dialogue and interventions on working in teams, behavior regulation, personality development, self reflection sessions); Spatial (via working with objects, art, craft or carpentry, stitching); and naturalist (via working with plants and soil, waste management) etc.