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Saksham is a charitable organisation committed to providing education to the underprivileged children. It currently runs an English medium school accredited with the National Institute of open schooling (NIOS). The school provides free education to the children and currently has classes from Pre-K- Grade 12. Skill acquisition and vocational training is an integral part of the curriculum. Saksham has also been providing financial and academic support to students competent enough to be integrated to mainstream schools for high school education.

To achieve our mission of making children self-reliant and therefore happy and good citizens, we are constantly seeking helping hands!!

⦁ Sponsoring a child while they are at Saksham: You could help sponsor a child’s annual education for Rs.15,000 a year. This is the annual cost that we incur on one child.
⦁ Sponsoring higher education: We provide continued  support to children who have moved on or will be moving from our school to regular schools. You could choose to sponsor one such (ranges from 50,000 – 80,000 pa – details can be provided on request). You may choose to pay as we go, or in lumpsum or in instalments.
⦁ Sponsoring a meal: The school provides an in-house mid-day meal. Rs. 5,000/- could sponsor a day’s meal for all the children.
⦁ Sponsoring cycles – An amount of 5000/- gets a deserving student a cycle and a helmet.
⦁ Sponsoring Vocational Training: At Saksham, we have always believed in augmenting the children’s skill set by providing them vocational skills – carpentry, tailoring, paper-bag making, pottery being some of them. The cost of imparting a skill varies from Rs.8000/- to Rs. 15,000 per month. You could choose to sponsor a skill, which would cover faculty fee and basic material costs,
⦁ Sponsoring extra-curricular training: In order to augment academic skills, we would encourage learning Music, Dance, Drama and Martial Arts alongwith the regular curriculum. Any help towards either supporting an activity at approximately Rs. 8000 a month or by providing your time towards conducting these classes would be very welcome.

We always welcome and encourage alliances and partnerships, with groups, individuals and corporate who share our mission.

⦁ Partnerships: We are keen to engage with like minded organisations, individuals (e.g., Kant Learning, CMCA, Vaayu) which we associate with), both formal or informal – to leverage their core competencies for the development of our children!

⦁ CSR support: As a school that is run by a Charitable Trust, we always welcome and look forward to CSR support from Corporates; who are keen to engage& invest in education as a cause!