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About Us

Saksham is a charitable organisation committed to providing education to the underprivileged children. It currently runs an English medium school accredited with the National Institute of open schooling (NIOS). The school provides free education to the children and currently has classes from Pre-K- Grade 12. Skill acquisition and vocational training is an integral part of the curriculum. Saksham has also been providing financial and academic support to students competent enough to be integrated to mainstream schools for high school education.

Born out of pure love and genuine concern for the lesser privileged children, Saksham came into existence in 1993 and moved to the current venue in 2003. The medium of instruction initially was Hindi and the number of children were 50. The school began as a primary school with Grade 5 being the highest class. To ensure regular attendance, transport was provided and the mode of examination was open school (National Institution of Open Schooling).

 The number of children is approximately 270. The medium of instruction is now English.
 We now have a play area, a performing arts room, a computer lab, a science lab, a tailoring room and a library.
 Children are served lunch which is cooked in school.
 Stationery and textbooks are provided to children by the school. The mode of examination still remains open school (National Institute of Open Schooling).
 We have always encouraged children to continue education, by enrolling them in main-stream schools as and when we felt the time was right for them. Patrons and philanthropists – individuals, corporate, institutes have made such sponsorships possible. Because of this continued support, some of our students have now become professionals in their own right.
 Approximately 40 children have moved on to join mainstream schools and a group of students have moved on to careers of choice such as – law, catering, engineering, dental lab assistants, x-ray technician, teaching, electrician, fitness training, Supervisor in a workshop and car service mechanic.

  • Approximately 20 staff members (teaching and non-teaching) and 30+ volunteer Gurus

Saksham is now a system driven and process oriented school. It can now be veered to many avenues of growth. The possibilities are immense.
The immediate goals for the road ahead include:
⦁ Proficiency in English.
⦁ Enhancing life-skills and pre-vocational skills.
⦁ Encouraging students to attain vocational certifications.
⦁ Introducing new-age vocations – 3D printing, Website development, foreign language, audio-visual media.
⦁ Mainstreaming as many children as possible.
⦁ Corporate support for students after class 12.